About Me

Currently, I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and three children, but that’s all about to change. My oldest daughter, Abbey, just moved back to the US after living abroad in Rome for a semester and is heading back to college as a Junior. Our son, Erik, will be leaving for London next month where he will be attending university for the next four years. My youngest daughter, Annika, is a Sophomore in high school but will soon be moving to Victoria, BC with her dad and me this fall/winter. We are becoming a global family in 2018. 

Annika (15), Erik (18), Abbey (20)
and Boston (5)

I am a lover of travel and change who is married to a man who has worked for the same company for 21 years and sees “no reason to fix something that isn’t broken.” But I can’t help feeling a bit of universal synchronicity in all this as we are approaching an empty nest in the next few years and transitioning into midlife.

Three years ago, I stepped back from my successful coaching business and AuthenticU community to be there for my family during some major transitions we were going through and to allow myself some time to regroup.

I had entered the proverbial forest on my Hero’s Journey and wandered for a time. I have emerged with a much clearer vision for myself and my family. My husband’s career has risen to meet that challenge with our upcoming move and this blog is the result: A creative outlet to process the myriad of themes in my life that are simultaneously converging. Our world is changing. As we move away from being a “householder” we gain more time and energy to give to those things we are individually passionate about.


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